A month or so ago I bought a kit to grow lavender.  It came with a pot, soil and the tiniest lavender seeds.  I love lavender, but no matter how many times I have bought lavender plants, they die. I just can’t seem to grow lavender.  I thought this time would be different.  Perhaps if I started them as seeds I would have better luck. And so, I followed the instructions so very carefully, and now I am waiting.

It’s been a few weeks and there is no sight of growth yet. But, each day I check (actually I check several times a day).  I’m just waiting for that first sign of life to show through the soil.  I’m not giving up……I will wait.

Do you suppose that God waits for us the same way?  Each day He (She) patiently waits for us to receive, respond and return the love that He (She) so freely gives us.

I will wait a little longer for my lavender plants to grow, and then I’ll probably give up.

God doesn’t give up, God waits forever.