Sometimes it only takes a spark!

I haven’t posted for a while.  I don’t know why, it certainly isn’t because I have a shortage of thoughts or opinions, they always seem to flow.  But, this morning I received an email from someone who said, “Hoping that you are still writing.”

That was my spark, the spark that I needed to continue to post on this blog.

I believe that we all have these ‘sparks’ in our lives.  It may be the spark to ignite something new in our lives, perhaps to pursue a passion, take that trip, write that book, change a job, learn something new.

Or, it may be a ‘relationship spark.’  A gentle urge to reach out to someone who has hurt us, to befriend the person who needs someone to listen to them, to end a toxic relationship.

The sparks are always there, it’s our choice whether or not to use them to ignite a fire.  A fire which will bring about some real change.  Change that is good for ourselves, our relationships, our world.

Thanks Vicki for being my spark today!

More to come……