Simplicity of Mind

Continuing on with my simplicity post… In addition to simplifying my environment, I find that I have to simplify my mind as well. You can be in an empty room, but if your mind is cluttered, you will not find peace. Alternatively, a simplified mind remains calm in the most disquieting of circumstances. This isContinue reading “Simplicity of Mind”

A Quote That Stuck With Me

I don’t read a lot of fiction, but when a book is recommended to me by someone I love (my daughter), I make an exception.  And although this story is fiction, the spirituality woven through it rings truth.  The book is ‘Where the Crawdads Sing,’ by Delia Owens and if you haven’t read it, IContinue reading “A Quote That Stuck With Me”

How do you know when you have forgiven?

There has been a load that I have been carrying for three years.  I’ve referenced it in some previous posts, although my messages have been somewhat cryptic.  I was badly hurt, really betrayed by someone who I worked for and thought very highly of, and considered a friend.  It was one of the most painfulContinue reading “How do you know when you have forgiven?”

I’m giving up god for lent

So, after a lot of thought, I decided that I’m giving up god for lent! (conversation with myself) Well, that’s sort of an odd thing to do.  I mean, isn’t lent all about getting closer to God. going deep, strengthening the relationship? Yes, absolutely! Well then, why on earth (or heaven) would you want toContinue reading “I’m giving up god for lent”