So, after a lot of thought, I decided that I’m giving up god for lent!

(conversation with myself) Well, that’s sort of an odd thing to do.  I mean, isn’t lent all about getting closer to God. going deep, strengthening the relationship?

Yes, absolutely!

Well then, why on earth (or heaven) would you want to give up god for lent?

You see, the god that I’m giving up is the small-g god.  The god that I have created and defined.  The god that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.  The god that doesn’t listen when I know better, the god that does things that I don’t agree with, the god that I define to myself and others.  The god that belongs to only one religion and group of people.  The god that gives doctrines, that issues ‘shoulds,’ and that punishes, alienates and judges.  That god has to go!

This lent I open myself to big-G God.  A God who is love, but whose ways I don’t always understand.  A God who is so beyond me that my trying to comprehend His/Her mysteries is like an ant trying to understand String Theory.

I open myself to a God who can’t be known with the mind, but who can be loved with the heart.

I open myself to a God whose speaks in silence.

I open myself to a God who is present in everyone and everything if I open my eyes and see, not just look.

I open myself to a God who asks for trust and faith in a world where trust needs verification and faith needs proof.

I open myself to the Mystery……who calls him/herself – I AM.

I’m giving up god for lent……care to join me?