About Meandering

The definition of meandering is:   proceeding by or taking a winding or indirect course.  I named this blog “Meandering thru life” because no matter how we plot our live’s course, sometimes, many times, we must meander in different directions.  There are times when things happen, for example, an illness or a death, and that forces us to change directions, but I would view that as more of a forced direction change.

Meandering changes occur when you are open to the gentle stirrings of the heart.  When you listen to your heart, you choose to veer off the rigid path that once seemed so right.  This blog consists of some simple thoughts and reflections that I’d like to share.  Perhaps you are interested in reading them, perhaps not, but be assured….they are from the heart.

3 thoughts on “About Meandering

  1. Dear Andie,
    I read your posts on the People for Others blog and am grateful for your ideas on parish religious ed.

    Would you mind sharing more info about EDJE and Cross over 2 Jesus? I teach in a parish program and am looking for something to refresh our approach.

    I would also love to see the Mass Booklet you had made for your program as well. I tried to put one together for my class last night and it left much to be desired!

    Thank you for your response.
    In solidarity,

  2. Hello Andie
    So glad you stopped in and I have enjoyed my visit here at your place. I’ll be back soon,keep up the good work.
    Love ya 🙂

  3. Nice to meet you, Andie. I am always curious about who finds my blog since I make no effort to publicize it. Peace and joy in your journey!

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