Well, have you made them?  

Have you broken them yet?

Did you just decide that it’s hopeless and so you’re skipping this year?

I really have not had very good luck with that exercise/lose weight goal that I set every year, so this year, I will set some goals that I will not do – hope to have better luck with these:

  1. I will not go a day without prayer because when I start my day with gratitude and a few requests, my day always goes better
  2. I will not be distracted. I will focus on whatever task I am doing while I am doing it.  This may sound strange because mundane tasks seem like they are a good opportunity to think about other things, but staying in the present moment helps me to appreciate even the littlest things
  3. I will not jump to judgement….especially if it is negative.
  4. will not miss an opportunity to be kind
  5. And finally…….I will not forget that these ‘will nots’ will never be possible without God’s help

Anyone care to join me in my ‘NOT’ New Year’s Resolutions?