Understanding my thoughts

This morning as I sat down for some quiet time, I was drawn to read one of my favorite Psalms, Psalm 139.  The lines of this beautiful poem bring me such great comfort and it seems as though each time I read it, a different sentence or phrase touches me in a new way.  Today it was verse 2:
You know when I sit and when I rise;
you understand my thoughts from afar.
One of my greatest blessings is to sit with a friend, over a cup of coffee (cappuccino preferred), sharing stories.
 Is there anything better than having a friend who just ‘gets’ you?  Someone who knows both your shinning moments and greatest mess-ups and loves you anyway? Friends like that are hard to find, and certainly one of life’s greatest blessings.
But, why do I search for people to ‘get me,’ when I have a God who totally knows me, loves me and understands me. God understands my thoughts even before they turn into actions.  He even understands the thoughts that I would never reveal to anyone, even that closest friend!
What great comfort that brings me…..my God, who understands my thoughts from afar.

2 thoughts on “Understanding my thoughts

  1. God is certainly our greatest companion through life but we have been created to be in community and having human friends who understand and love us is a great gift from God. It is a great blessing to have human friends who are also close to our Lord and then the relationship becomes a threesome. Blessings to you and your family Andie!

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