I have always been fascinated by the short conversation between Jesus and a leper (Luke 5: 12-13) where a leper approaches Jesus and says, “Lord, if you will do to so, you can cure me.” Jesus replies, “I do will it,” and of course, we know what happens next. 

“I do will it.”  How many time does Jesus want us to hear those words from Him, and yet, how can we reconcile that with the many times that we ask for things that we don’t receive, including healings?  

When I face these kinds of discrepancies, I always try to delve a bit deeper.  So, perhaps what this leper really needed was to be cured of this horrible disease and that is why he was.  If Jesus wills our healing (which this verse seems to say), then maybe the healing that we most need is not always what we ask for.  

So, in my prayer I will say, “If you will do to so, you can cure me,”
and I will remain open and trust that I will be healed
in the way that I need it most, because Jesus replies,
“I do will it!”