I love that phrase, not that I use it very often, but I just like it.  It has a feeling of authenticity, don’t you think?  It’s no nonsense, the ‘time is now’,  ‘get serious’.  When someone uses that phrase it makes me stand up and pay attention! 

I imagine that Jesus’ life was ‘where the rubber meets the road’.  In three short years he did more things than any book could ever hold.  His mission was to show us the face of the Father and he did that through his words and actions.  And yet, he always made time to meet people one-on-one, to stop when someone touched a tassle on his cloak, to converse with a women getting water at a well, and to welcome children.  He laughed, he cried, and he prayed.  He loved. 

Where the rubber meets the road doesn’t mean that we must be ‘running’ all the time.  Maybe it doesn’t even mean that we must always move forward…maybe it simply means that we adopt an authenticity, a real-ness to everything that we say and do. 

Certainly everyone didn’t agree with Jesus, people still don’t, but how can anyone argue with his essence, his Truth?  I want to be a ‘where the rubber meets the road’ kind of person.