We’re halfway there, and isn’t it a little surprising that this Sunday we hear about the man born blind?  Wouldn’t you think that this would be a more appropriate Reading for the beginning of lent.  Think about it, before lent begins we can examine ourselves and see what we may be blind to and then set our course for ‘opening our eyes’ during the lenten season.

And yet…here it is, placed at the lented mid-point.  Why?  Well, maybe we need a little examination at this point.  Perhaps this would be a good time to step back and see if we are blind to anything.  Oh, I may be doing well, staying away from chocolate or sweets, I may be saying extra prayers or doing good deeds, but have my eyes been opened?  Do I need to be healed so that I can ‘see’?

Lent is halfway over but much still lies ahead.  We have our joyous Palm Sunday, we have our mysterious Last Supper, we have our painful Good Friday, and we have our glorious Easter. 

It’s time to take a good look, open our eyes, pray for healing, pray for sight.  What is it that still needs to be given to God this lent?  What do I see?