Technology…love it/hate it.  I can’t imagine a time when I didn’t have a phone with me at all times.  I love being able to reach someone wherever, whenever.  My GPS has saved me hours of wandering through back roads trying to find my destination.  My laptop – well, that is how I have met all of you, my wonderful internet friends!  But……here’s where I draw the line……don’t take away my books!!!

I love sitting down with a book, I love the feel of it, I love turning pages.  I like to admire the book’s cover and jacket (if it has one).  Even the smell of books is attractive to me.  A new book has that ‘fresh off the presses’ smell, while an old book has the ‘I’ve been around the block’ smell.   Sometimes, I like to fall asleep with a book on my lap.  My house is filled with books, books in shelves, books in piles, books by my bedside.  I just really like books!

I don’t want to read my books on an electronic devise.  I don’t want to scroll to a new page, and I don’t want all my books and pages to look the same and be the same size.  I want my books to take up space and not be contained in something so tiny that I can’t see it. 

Textbooks should be heavy – poetry books should be pretty – children’s books should be bright and happy – and romance novels should be paperbacks with star-crossed lovers pictures on their covers. 

Babies have pacifiers…..children have blankies……I have my books!