We are so governed by our feelings.  We sometimes get in trouble when we don’t ‘trust our instincts’ or our first impressions.  If we like someone we try to get to know them better and spend time with them, if we don’t like someone, well, you know…..

We like things that make us feel good.  The taste of ice cream on a summer (or any) day, the warmth of a cup of hot tea on a snowy day (think I’ll make one right now), the happy ending of a movie, the hug of a child.  All these things, and many, many more, make us feel good.

How much of your relationship with God is based on your feelings?  Do you sometimes walk away from your prayer time feeling at peace and happy?  Do you sometimes walk away feeling nothing….nothing at all.  What then?

We frequently speak of faith and reason.  I’m really big on the faith, but I appreciate the reason as well.  But, reason along won’t do it….need that mystical element.  And, perhaps when we aren’t ‘feelin’ the love’ we can fall back to our reason.  We can remember the promises made, the love promised, the life given up.  And when we’re not ‘feeling’ anything, we can be confident that it isn’t all about us and our feelings.  It’s about reason, it’s about promises, it’s about Truth…..and, it’s about FAITH!