Boy, it’s really tough to not judge! Every day we see things, hear things and  interact with others and naturally, we form opinions.  Someone shares a story with us and our brains are constantly agreeing, disagreeing, doubting, wondering, and, let’s be honest, JUDGING! And yet, we are called not to judge….that is God’s job who can look deep into our hearts.  So, why are we asked not to judge when it is part of our human nature?

The only thing that I can think of is to try an be more aware of  when a judgement pops into my head.  I can’t stop it – it comes – but then what?  Here are some options:

  • nurture the judgement and allow it to fester and grow
  • share it with others
  • invite past judgments in


recognize it, name it for what it is (judgement), and then try, try, try to understand it.  By that I mean, look beyond the statement and see the person.  Remember that this person has their own story.  There may be a hurt or an unresolved issue that is behind the words that are causing you to judge.  It’s not easy to go deep when everything in us is screaming ‘judgement!’

Ugh!  I hate having to work on myself when I feel like wallowing!  I’m trying…..don’t judge me!