One only has to watch the news today, check twitter or any social media site to see that a ‘comedian’ exercised her right to ‘free speech.’  I can’t find the word(s) to describe how I feel about the picture she published.  Disgust is too nice a word for it.

Yes, we have freedom in this Country, a true gift, I believe.  Yes, we have free speech and isn’t it wonderful that we can openly express our opinions?  But really, have we gone so far that we don’t realize that careless, thoughtless, stupid acts have consequences?

When we think of the 5th Commandment – ‘Don’t kill,’ most of us think we’re pretty safe.  I never killed anyone, probably never will, so cross that Commandment off my list.  But, there is more depth to that Commandment.  You can kill someone’s spirit with your words, kill someone’s hopes with your criticism, and kill someone’s character with your pathetic attempt at humor?

We teach our kids that with freedom comes responsibility.  Come on folks, treasure our freedom, protect it, cherish it.  Is anything sacred?  Can anything be made a joke of?

Jesus told us the story of the Good Samaritan to teach us who our neighbor is.

Agree or disagree, it is your right, but have some respect for yourself and your target.

It’s time to reflect, repent (change) and pray.  Pray for our own self-discipline, and pray for those for whom everything is a ‘joke!’