Grant me the wisdom to know when to let go….

The courage to say goodbye….

and the serenity to live in this moment…

Sometimes we get so absorbed in something that we lose our balance.  It could be a project that we are working on, a book that we are obsessed with, or in my case, a job that I have had for the past 15 years.  Oh, it was good work, a ministry really, but slowly it took over my life, like a slow growing vine, until it became me, or I became ‘it.’

no more…goodbye….

Pruning has begun and I like what I am beginning to see.  It is in the separation, the pain, and the loss that the light which has been shielded  can now break through.  At first the light is blinding and I long for the darkness again, but along with the light comes the warmth and healing.  Like a chick breaking out of its shell, I will now regain my balance, embrace the light and soon I will be dancing again!