Thank you my friends for your comments and concerns…they truly touched my heart.  My hand is better and typing is easier so, I am back.

This little ‘hand adventure’ has much to teach me on many levels.  God is good, and if we listen, truly listen, he speaks through everything.  And, it is always a message of love, prompting us to grow closer to him.

One of the things that struck me was that many of you cared enough to comment or email.  You are friends, connected through modern technology, but real none the less.  And that speaks volumes about our human nature.  We are connected, one Body, so to speak.  As the world becomes smaller, thanks to technology, we are able to ‘meet’ people from different areas, with different lives, different interests, different ages…..and yet, there is so much that we share.  Sisters and brothers we are!

Father’s Day – let us remember the Father of us all…with praise and gratitude.  I remember you, my friends in my prayers today and once again, I thank you!