All from a place of love….

5 thoughts on “All from a place of love….”

  1. “Trust without understanding – that is what we call faith.”

    I am beginning to accept that I won’t understand everything… it is a liberating feeling, to hold onto faith even without seeing physical proof. And in the bible, Jesus says that there would be people who wouldn’t believe even if they saw him. So I suppose that faith is more closely linked to the heart than to the intellect or senses.

    The story of Abraham is a difficult one… You make a good point. It’s about how we look at a story that makes a huge difference.

  2. Not being in charge is a struggle; being asked to accept what we don’t understand; to bear what we would rather not; to realise that this is not meant to be Heaven. The story of Abraham is hard especially for parents and you do wonder what God would have done if Abraham had just said no…
    If God is truly unchanging then perhaps it is our image of Him/Her that God has fought to change – and in the end it cost the death of his son to achieve it (and still there are those who prefer the God of Abraham)

  3. “……during that walk that Abraham learned who God is.” I think of the walks I have made in the darkness and the ones I know I still have yet to walk. You are so right, that is where Abraham learned who God was. I can’t imagine that journey, but I do know that God was walking with him, thought it may have seemed to Abraham that God felt very far away right then…..I wonder. It is sometimes almost a relief for me not to have to understand everything 🙂 Great post and glad you have you back!

  4. I like your definition of faith: trust without understanding. That’s good!! I’m learning, too, that it’s in the dark, stormy times that God proves His love for us. But it’s easier to recognize that AFTER the darkness has passed! As Ann Voscamp said in One Thousand Gifts, “God reveals Himself in rearview mirrors.”

  5. Great Andie- I also love that quote above from Glenda about rearview mirrors- reminds of the one that compares life as a tapestry looked at from the reverse side with all the messy tanglings and only when it is finished do we see the perfect picture… I wish ..!!

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