It is so difficult for us to really ‘get a handle’ on God’s love.  We tend to put God in boxes, create idols, define God, and try to make him like ourselves.  The truth is that we can never fully understand or explain God and his actions, but unlike ourselves (and others), we can always be sure of his motives, and the motive behind each action, each decision is love.

We can have a taste of what love is on this earth, but we can never fully bask in its beauty because of our human nature.  We question, we doubt, and sometimes, we even reject love.  We talk a lot about unconditional love, but we are really not capable of it and when it is offered to us, as pure gift, from God, we struggle with it.

Our heads tell us that God loves us unconditionally but then we look around….we see suffering, we see tragedy, we see sickness and death and our hearts ask, ‘why?’   God doesn’t cause but God allows.

Abraham and Isaac….now there’s a tough one.  Did God really promise children and then ask Abraham to sacrifice Isaac ‘to test him’???  Oh, we can explain it away by saying, ‘that’s the God of the Old Testament’…but, God is God, always was, never changing.  Let’s look at it this way….

Abraham was doing what most people did at that time…offer their first-born.  He was following what he thought that he must do.  God sees all, we see a finite piece.  God did allow Abraham to make that three days ‘of darkness’ journey because it was during that walk that Abraham learned who God is.  And when asked by Isaac…his answer could be, with absolute certainty, God will provide.

We all have our journeys, our dark times, are they ‘tests’ from a loving God or are they periods of growth?  The answer is ours to make.  Do we trust this God, who truly loves us beyond our ability to comprehend, or do we doubt and question, why?  At the end of his walk, Abraham trusted, enough to follow God wherever he led him.  Do we have that same kind of trust?  Can we have the kind of faith that believes without understanding?

In a world of mixed motives we are called to trust.  ‘My ways are not your ways’… without understanding – that is what we call faith.