Feeling a little ‘off’

As much as I dream about being a ‘free spirit,’ I’m afraid that I am someone who likes routine, structure and schedules.  I don’t like putting people in boxes but I do think that there is value in both Myers-Briggs personality types and the enneagram.  I am an INFJ (MB) and a 2 (enn.).  I’m no expert in either of these but the little reading that I have done about them has helped me to better understand myself and others.  They can be helpful tools and actually help me to be a bit more gentle with myself (and others).  Lately I have been a little ‘off’ with my usual routines.  I haven’t posted and worse, I haven’t had a chance to read your posts and that is a little disturbing because your blogs feed me spiritually.  Things have been busy, been spending lots of time with lots of teens and that is a really good thing.  But……when I break my ‘routines,’ I feel a little ‘off.’  So……..today I spend some time reading your wonderful posts and catching up.  Time to get back to my little compulsive ways…….

13 thoughts on “Feeling a little ‘off’

  1. I’m also an INFJ! I used to want to be more free-spirited, too, but I find that there is beauty in my structure… I am neat and organized, my workspace is not cluttered so I can think clearly, and sticking to a schedule allows me to accomplish my work.

    Jesus is an example of a perfect balance… I aim to be more Christ-like, but know I will never be exactly perfect on this earth. 🙂

    P.S. I think you’re wonderful as you are

    1. Oh Jade, you are so kind, and a kindred Myers-Briggs spirit! I do better with organization as well and when things get crazy, I shut down! Thanks for your sweet comments.

  2. I am very off, reading what I can when I can, which is hard. I hear you loud and clear.

    I think that both MB and Enneagram are helpful. I am an ENFP and while I have long labored under being a 4, I question that sometimes, but I will go with it.

    Compulsion is a coin with two sides, one healthy, the other not so much. We move in the tension between the poles, don’t we?

    Peace to you.

  3. I prefer structure and routine, too. In a funny way, I depend on it to give me the room to explore, if that makes sense. It’s like it allows me to dip my toes into creativity and have fun with it, all while knowing where I’m standing safely on the dock.

    1. I agree Joanne. It is when we are in our comfort zones that we can then explore, be creative, etc. I always love the way that you see things….thanks.

  4. Andie, I know how you feel about disruptions in the routine. Take care of yourself, and if that means you need to skip some postings, so be it. We’ll be here to read when you’re ready to share. That’s the beauty of RSS delivery!

  5. I’m an ENFP and an 8 on the Enneagram….i detest schedules and have to be reigned in on a regular basis…sigh…but knowing what my own traits are is very helpful in how I relate to all those 1’s and 2’s in my life:)

    1. Oh Roberta, I think we should meet because I learn much from you! It is helpful…I resisted for a long time because I didn’t want to be a 2 but, I must be at peace with it and just try to be a healthy 2.

  6. I think we all need routine and structure. We rebel against it as children then embrace it as adults. And I think this time of year – especially in the region we live in Andie – makes many people feel “off”. I’m “off” too; trying hard to slap myself silly to get back on track.

    I am an INFP.

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