As much as I dream about being a ‘free spirit,’ I’m afraid that I am someone who likes routine, structure and schedules.  I don’t like putting people in boxes but I do think that there is value in both Myers-Briggs personality types and the enneagram.  I am an INFJ (MB) and a 2 (enn.).  I’m no expert in either of these but the little reading that I have done about them has helped me to better understand myself and others.  They can be helpful tools and actually help me to be a bit more gentle with myself (and others).  Lately I have been a little ‘off’ with my usual routines.  I haven’t posted and worse, I haven’t had a chance to read your posts and that is a little disturbing because your blogs feed me spiritually.  Things have been busy, been spending lots of time with lots of teens and that is a really good thing.  But……when I break my ‘routines,’ I feel a little ‘off.’  So…… I spend some time reading your wonderful posts and catching up.  Time to get back to my little compulsive ways…….