I must admit, that if I were ever to come back as something, I’d like to come back as my dog.  Rupert is in charge, he likes his toys scattered throughout the house, he jumps on any furniture at any time, and from any distance.  He begs at the table, demands to be pet, and ignores my call when there is some scent that catches his attention.  He doesn’t like baths, hates to be groomed and wants to go on walk after walk after walk.  Sometimes he forgets that he is house trained and when he is sick, well, let’s just say, he is indiscriminate about which room he chooses to be sick in.

All in all, there is much time, energy, and money spent on Rupie in our house.  And in return, what do I get?

The answer to that question has to be ‘unconditional love’.  He gives me unconditional love.  Now, I ask you…….is it easier to be me…..or….Rupie?