Where are you walking?

“Don’t walk in front of me;

I may not follow.

Don’t walk behind me;

I may not lead. Just walk beside me

and be my friend.”

Albert Camus


No longer do I call you servants, for the servant doesn’t know what his lord does. But I have called you friends,

for everything that I heard from my Father, I have made known to you.

John 15:15


In your prayer, how do you walk with Jesus?  Do you see him as your teacher, your Rabbi, someone who always leads?  Do you try your best to follow even though that path is filled with bumps and potholes?  Sometimes I feel this way and it can be exhausting, always trying to be good enough, to catch up, to accept the path wherever it leads……

In your prayer, do you lead?  Are you the one who tells Jesus what to do, how to do it and when it should be done?  Do you know better what is good for your life and those around you?  Do you sometimes tell him that he could have done things differently?  Sometimes I do.  Honestly, I don’t really embrace everything that comes my way.  Sometimes, I have a better way, my turn to lead.  And that is exhausting too.  Why do I have to do it all?  Why do I have to always make it right?  Why do I always have to bend?

In your prayer, do you walk with Jesus, alongside Jesus, as you walk with a friend?  Do you take the time to stop and appreciate all that is around you?  Do you sometimes take his hand when the going gets tough?  Do you pause to look at each other?  Walking with a friend….I think I’ve just found a new definition of prayer.

8 thoughts on “Where are you walking?

  1. Hi Andie,

    I do what you describe in the 3rd paragraph most of the time. It’s tough to accept everything that comes our way, but the Lord says he knows best. Tough pill to swallow when you’re in a situation that’s never-ending and you want it desperately to end.

    But if we walk with Jesus hand in hand and obey him, blessings will flow. He’s faithful to all of his promises and loving toward all he has made.


  2. In my prayer, Andie, I usually sit with Jesus, or I run to join him. Sometimes I follow him along a river: in this case I am not even 20.
    I remember once trying to follow him and his three apostles up the Transformation mountain. I could not keep up. So I left our retreat meeting room and ran back to my room sobbing.
    Lots of stuff happens with Jesus. It depends on the reading I am praying, the moment in my life, etc etc etc.
    A delightful poast, Andie. Thank you,

  3. And it’s so good to know He never walks too slowly or too fast – and He never gets upset when we need to sit and rest! In fact, those are the sweetest times, aren’t they? That’s when real prayer takes place!

  4. When I am anxious I think I want to be a leader, a persuader or maybe a defense attorney. When I am peaceful I am a follower.

    You gave me a lot to think about.
    Thank you Andie

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