A few weeks ago I asked our eighth graders this question:  If you could ask God any question, what would it be?  The responses were interesting.  There were what I would classify as ‘surface questions’ such as, ‘do you exist?’ to deeper ones such as, ‘how do you forgive people?’  I always enjoy reading the answers to questions such as these because they give me a glimpse into their heads and let me in on what and how they are thinking (about). 

One response that has stuck with me was this question:  ‘What do you look like?’  My first thought was…where has this kid been?  Don’t they know that God is pure Spirit?  God doesn’t have a ‘face’.  And then, I began to think……it’s really a very good question after all, ‘What does God look like?’

Does God look like our religious leaders of the world?  The ones who make, enforce (and break) our many rules?  Does God look like those who are in authority?  Does God look like the wealthy and famous, those people who ‘have it all?’  Or, does God look like the poor who beg for food each day in order to feed their children?  Does God look like the people lying in hospital beds clinging to life?  Does God look like the downtrodden who struggle to get out of bed because each day holds no promise, no hope?  Does God look like our children who fight to hold on to their childhood in a very ‘grown-up’ world?

What does God look like?  Whose faces reflect God?  When I look in the mirror today, do I see God?