The question is, ‘Where Is Your God?’ not ‘what is your God?’,  that would be an entirely different question.  I am asking, ‘where is your God?’  – out there, or inside?

I know that God dwells inside each one of us.  It is in Scripture and of course, I know it from experience.  Sometimes I feel him close, so very close.  I know that he knows me intimately, from the inside out, so to speak.  After all, before a word is on my lips, he knows what I’m going to say (re-phrased).  I know this, I understand it conceptually, but….

When I pray, do I pray to the God ‘out there’ or the God that dwells within?  I think that sometimes I am guilty of sending my prayers into the abyss.  I look up and pray to the heavens.  I think that I really need to work on this because it has other implications such as, where is he on my journey?  Is he watching from above, walking beside me or are we walking together as one?   When I speak, is he listening or is he helping me form my words?  When I act, is he watching or is he using my arms and legs?  And…for my relationship…am I finding him everywhere or is he patiently waiting for me to discover him within?

I’m not sure if I am being very clear with these thoughts…I just know that he is closer than out breaths, now I must live it.  That will be my prayer on this Joy-filled Sunday.  As we prepare for the Incarnation, we need not prepare a room at an inn, perhaps we need to focus on the room within.  Look within and you will find the Savior born in your very own heart.