Where Is Your God?

6 thoughts on “Where Is Your God?”

  1. It’s easy to push Him aside – or even push Him out because our inns (hearts) are too crowded with “stuff” – maybe even “good stuff” during this Christmas season. I don’t want to do that – any time!

  2. Wow very deep my sis!
    but at this hour, my brain is running low on power while on auto pilot!
    I get the praying into space… and I get the praying to Him beside me, but as to praying within?
    I suppose I often talk to God outside of me, and ask him to show me inside through His Holy Spirit within me.
    But I love this: “Is he watching from above, walking beside me or are we walking together as one? When I speak, is he listening or is he helping me form my words? When I act, is he watching or is he using my arms and legs?”
    Awesome… how much more must we consider who is holding the reins of our life… who is in control!
    Ahhh but I think now my brain needs to sleep.
    Hope your Sunday was full of rest with Him
    Bless Ya

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