pic 1

We all know people who are so easy to label.  Sally, what a pessimist,  you never want her around because she brings everyone down.  Mark, truly a narcissist, can’t even have a conversation that isn’t centered around him. Doug, so happy-go-lucky, fun to have at parties, but no real substance there. And, Dawn, such a bully, never allowing anyone else to voice an opinion that differs from hers.

When we are quick to label and judge, everyone begins to take on the same form, much like the blurred blossoms in the picture.  Sure, the labels might be different, but that label  disguises the individual.

Sally the pessimist: so many previous hurts that she is afraid to hope anymore

Mark: projecting his ‘larger than life’ image to hide a real insecurity

Doug: afraid to go deep within because he fears what he will find

Dawn: fears anyone getting too close because they might discover her vulnerability

We must be aware of the lens through which we see.