For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.   Gibran

A line from “The Prophet” in the section on children. 

I’ve just completed preparing a presentation for parents.  Most of my research came from the book, “Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century” by Craig Jutila  Jim Wideman, and Pat Verbal.   It spoke about the ‘rewiring of kid’s behavior’ as a result of the media being their ‘oxygen’. 

All of our souls dwell in a secret house.  No matter how close we may be to others, their is a part of ‘us’ that no one will ever know, no one could ever understand, no one will ever see. 

Some of us have more windows in that house than others.  Some let people take a peek in from time to time, some just keep the shades down.  It can be a place of refuge, of solitude, of peace, or it can be a place of conflict, turmoil and pain.  But, if we search that secret house of our souls, we discover that we are not truly alone.  We have a ‘soul-housemate’. 

We share it with the Divine.