I heard an incredible story yesterday.  It involved an 11-yr. old girl, a horrible father, and a distant cousin and her husband who just recently met them. They have since taken her into their home and are now her parents.  The details are not so important, trust me, this little girl has seen things and has been forced to do things that no one should ever have to experience.  It’s a story of a life saved – and that is the truth!

The heroic efforts and the time, energy and money that this couple went through has been unbelievable.  And, after raising four of their own children (12 grandchildren), they are parents again, and for that alone they deserve our gratitude and praise.

But, the most amazing thing of all was watching this women’s face and listening to her voice as she related this very sad story to me.  Her face shone with a brightness and joy that I rarely see.  Instead of playing the hero-rescuer role, she sees this as gift, pure gift!  It reminded me of the Transfiguration – I think that I saw a bit of that dazzling light  yesterday.

One thing she said was, ‘things are so different than when I raised my own children.  Now when I see dirty clothes stuffed under the bed, I simply smile….things like that don’t bother me anymore…’

And now, I have the privelege to work with that precious child and her new family – am I blessed or what???

Yes, there are angels among us!  I met one yesterday.  This will stay with me for a very long time and I smile as I enter this post.