Last evening I was working with a group of third, fourth and fifth graders.  We were practicing for a little skit where they would act out the Bread of Life Discourse.  This presentation would be for the second graders.

At one point I needed some of the disciples to get up and walk away because they didn’t believe what Jesus was saying.  I asked for volunteers…no one raised their hand.  I thought this was rather odd because they showed so much coorperation and excitement for everything that we had done thus far.  And then it hit me…

None of them wanted to walk away in disbelief.  They are believers, they are the faithful, they are the children!  After I explained (in great detail) that it was ‘acting’, that if they walked away it didn’t really mean that they didn’t believe, I got smiles of ‘whew’ and several hands went up.

Isn’t it beautiful that these children didn’t want to be the ones who walk away?  We have much to learn from the simple, innocent faith of the children!