Lent: what you do for lent vs. what lent does for you

There are some things that I believe in, always have, always hope to:  I do believe in God. I believe that this God has many names, love being the main one. I believe that there is spiritual value in worshiping communities and rituals, but more so for the end result than the process.  I believeContinue reading “Lent: what you do for lent vs. what lent does for you”

Stay a kernel or pop

Happy National Popcorn Day!   Here are my options:  I can either stay a hard shelled kernel or I can explode into the world. When hard times come, and they always do, I withdraw, pull into myself and not let anyone in.  I become so hardened that change is impossible.  Nothing comes in, nothing goesContinue reading “Stay a kernel or pop”

Uh, somethin’ ain’t workin’ here…..

Remember these?       W.W.J.D. – what would Jesus do? You could find these everywhere…..bracelets, necklaces, pins…..everywhere. It’s kind of funny really, how could we ever really know what Jesus would do?  Wouldn’t you think that He would have favored the older brother (Prodigal Son) who obeyed and stayed faithful to his father?  OrContinue reading “Uh, somethin’ ain’t workin’ here…..”

Do you pray the prayer or does the prayer pray you?

Prayer is a difficult word to define and it elicits a myriad of emotions.  I have memorized many prayers and sometimes the mouth moves but the thoughts are somewhere else.  Perhaps it is because the words are so familiar that I don’t pay attention to what I am saying.  That is me ‘praying the prayer.’Continue reading “Do you pray the prayer or does the prayer pray you?”