Do You See What I See?

  Ok, I drew an outline around this, but I think that we can all agree that this is a ‘heart-puddle’.  It was in my driveway this morning and I had the privilege of seeing it and reflecting on it on my morning walk.  You see, the more that you look, the more that youContinue reading “Do You See What I See?”

It’s so tempting, isn’t it?

Lessons to learn from Pope Benedict’s Resignation: Whatever faith we choose, whatever religion we belong to, whatever spirituality we adopt, we can all learn from the news this past week regarding the resignation of Pope Benedict’s XVI.  Here are the points that I want to take away from this: +  No job is so importantContinue reading “It’s so tempting, isn’t it?”

It’s all dance…

The dance of lent….. Who’s leading the dance? What ‘music’ are you listening to? And for today…..which dance are you dancing? ballet – lots of turns, trying to keep your balance? jazz – moving to a rhythm, lots of improv., just trying to listen to the music? tap – fast moving, keeping up with theContinue reading “It’s all dance…”

Can you stand to hear this just one more time?

Two days ago I awoke to this view from my window.  We had experienced some pretty heavy winds, and if this was the only thing that happened, I should be grateful.  As I was reflecting on it, however, the old adage came to mind – ” Trees that don’t bend with the wind, won’t lastContinue reading “Can you stand to hear this just one more time?”

45 minutes to spare?

Philip Yancey has been a favorite author of mine for some time. I just love his spirituality – no judgment – he seems to have some special insights about God, albeit most times admitting that God is beyond our understanding.  I had the opportunity to hear him speak when he came to a nearby churchContinue reading “45 minutes to spare?”

Some lessons learned….

Some lessons learned from the Sandy Hook Tragedy: Life is short….never walk away without a smile or an “I love you” Many people are suffering….do your best to offer a word of compassion, an expression of encouragement or simply an ear to listen Never, ever leave God out of any circumstance, good or bad LearnContinue reading “Some lessons learned….”

Love is a funny thing….

So many of us struggle with God’s love.  When we first come to know that we are loved, our reaction is something like, “Oh, isn’t it wonderful that God loves me!”  If we could only stay with that pure, simple, child-like statement!  But often it can become a little distorted and our thoughts of God’s loveContinue reading “Love is a funny thing….”