I think I’ve finally found it

So, I’m thinking that this post is going to sound like a cross between spirituality 101 and a fairy tale.  For years I have struggled with the false-self/true-self model.  Not that I didn’t believe that it had validity – too many of my respected mentors speak of it, but I just couldn’t wrap my selfContinue reading “I think I’ve finally found it”

Some points to ponder….

Some of the most beautiful flowers bloom in the desert…. They are simple and yet oh-so colorful They still blossom even when surrounded by ‘thorns’ Even though conditions are ‘harsh’ and ‘dry’, they find a way to bloom and spread their beauty and fragrance – even if no one is there to appreciate it (withContinue reading “Some points to ponder….”

Synonyms – or are they?

   How do we experience everything?  We see, we hear, we smell, we  taste, we touch.  Our five senses are our windows to the world. We can’t block out our senses, if our eyes are open, we see.  We can’t not hear the sounds around us, etc.  And yet, even though our senses are bombarded atContinue reading “Synonyms – or are they?”