Sometimes a frog is just a frog (not a prince)

Sometimes life brings us wonderful surprises, like it did for the beautiful princess who kissed the frog who because a handsome prince!  But, sometimes we ‘kiss the frog,’ and the frog stays a frog. We all try to help others, solve problems, spread love and peace, and sometimes our efforts make a real difference.  ThereContinue reading “Sometimes a frog is just a frog (not a prince)”

Operating from your core

I truly believe that it is so helpful to operate from a set of core beliefs.  A few of mine are above.  I do admit, that they may change depending on where I am in life or what I’m dealing with, but that’s ok.  These are what I’m feeling like at this moment, and hereContinue reading “Operating from your core”

Do you worry about how others see you?

I don’t think that it’s unusual to wonder about how others see you.  Most of us want to make a good impression and want others to like us.  The question is, how far do we go to achieve that? When we begin to bend, to twist, and to distort ourselves, I think we’ve gone tooContinue reading “Do you worry about how others see you?”