Please don’t limit my God

God is so much more than the boxes that we put Him/Her in!  I grow so tired of those who try to define God.  After all, the Pharisees thought that they knew God, they certainly knew all the rules! And we see how Jesus blew them up. God is bigger than our thoughts, definitions, explanations, descriptions andContinue reading “Please don’t limit my God”

Magic vs. Religion

 Lately I’ve been having conversations with my Deity asking why the requests I’ve been asking for aren’t being done! They’re good things, really, helping others, healing others, things not even for myself, but for those I love.  Things that I certainly would do if I had the power! And then I find this: Magic is whenContinue reading “Magic vs. Religion”

It’s so tempting, isn’t it?

Lessons to learn from Pope Benedict’s Resignation: Whatever faith we choose, whatever religion we belong to, whatever spirituality we adopt, we can all learn from the news this past week regarding the resignation of Pope Benedict’s XVI.  Here are the points that I want to take away from this: +  No job is so importantContinue reading “It’s so tempting, isn’t it?”

Love is a funny thing….

So many of us struggle with God’s love.  When we first come to know that we are loved, our reaction is something like, “Oh, isn’t it wonderful that God loves me!”  If we could only stay with that pure, simple, child-like statement!  But often it can become a little distorted and our thoughts of God’s loveContinue reading “Love is a funny thing….”

Move aside, just move aside..

I saw a video the other day.  It was about a man who lost his pregnant wife and his only daughter when the car that he was driving was hit head on by a teenage drunk driver. It’s a tough one to watch but SO POWERFUL.  There is so much in it….the forgiveness, theContinue reading “Move aside, just move aside..”

What to say…Oh, What to say…

Next week I’m giving a short talk on prayer to adults.  I’ve done it before, I have something prepared, and the reflections and thoughts from your blog posts help to inspire me.  The problem is, however, the older I get, the more I realize that my words fall short. Oh sure, I can define prayer,Continue reading “What to say…Oh, What to say…”

Energy Required

This morning we begin our religious education program with about 150 first through third graders.  Am I getting too old for this??? I can see it now, those little faces, the smiles, some tears perhaps, all arriving with excitement and some trepidation.  Some will recognize their teacher and know exactly what to do and whereContinue reading “Energy Required”