An Interesting Lent

What an interesting lent this is turning out to be.  To all those strong and disciplined people out there, I tell you this in the utmost humility:  This year the lenten promise that I made lasted a whole 6 days!  I think that this was the shortest thus far in my life! My lenten promise,Continue reading “An Interesting Lent”


 L et God be God –  Not letting God be God may actually be the Sin against the Holy Spirit E very single minute of the day be aware of God’s presence. Practice the ‘present moment’ N othing can separate us from God’s love…. T he First Commandment:  God first…GOD ALWAYS FIRST!

Lent: Which is more difficult?

Is lent more of a ‘give up’ for forty days or a ‘take on’ for the rest of your life?  It may be really difficult for me to give up chocolate or desserts for lent, but come Easter Sunday, watch out!  Back to the chocolate and back to the sweets…and enjoying them with a greatContinue reading “Lent: Which is more difficult?”

Why not try this on for lent?

“Humility is the ointment for all our wounds” St. Teresa of Avila A few days into the lenten season…are we feeling it yet?  Are we craving the chocolate or caffeine that we’ve given up?  Are we staying true to the promise to pray more, read a spiritual book, blog more often?  At the end ofContinue reading “Why not try this on for lent?”