I’m giving up god for lent

So, after a lot of thought, I decided that I’m giving up god for lent! (conversation with myself) Well, that’s sort of an odd thing to do.  I mean, isn’t lent all about getting closer to God. going deep, strengthening the relationship? Yes, absolutely! Well then, why on earth (or heaven) would you want toContinue reading “I’m giving up god for lent”

Lent: what you do for lent vs. what lent does for you

There are some things that I believe in, always have, always hope to:  I do believe in God. I believe that this God has many names, love being the main one. I believe that there is spiritual value in worshiping communities and rituals, but more so for the end result than the process.  I believeContinue reading “Lent: what you do for lent vs. what lent does for you”

Lenten Hope

  It’s just been a tough couple of weeks..certainly don’t want to compare myself to Job, but at my lowest moments, that’s where I’m going.  Why is it that at times the struggles seem to come from every direction?  No matter what I plan for my ‘lenten sacrifices/promises,’ God always has other plans.  And so,Continue reading “Lenten Hope”

It’s all dance…

The dance of lent….. Who’s leading the dance? What ‘music’ are you listening to? And for today…..which dance are you dancing? ballet – lots of turns, trying to keep your balance? jazz – moving to a rhythm, lots of improv., just trying to listen to the music? tap – fast moving, keeping up with theContinue reading “It’s all dance…”

God’s topsy-turvy world

  Reflect on this….. God’s World: He speaks in the silence The first will be last and the last will be first Blessed be the….poor, mourning, meek, hungry “I’ll have dinner at your house tonight Zacchaeus” “If I don’t wash your feet…..” “Whoever loves his life will lose it” “It is profitable for you thatContinue reading “God’s topsy-turvy world”

Lent: action or attitude?

I’ve been thinking about lent this year… what shall I do, what shall I give up, what shall I take on? Should I try the ‘sweets thing’ again like my friend does?  Why bother, I can never make it all the way through, I start to rationalize…yogurt with chocolate bits, is that considered ‘sweets?’  AndContinue reading “Lent: action or attitude?”

Please don’t rush lent….

Oh please don’t rush lent this year, I’m just not ready!   Lent takes work, lent takes discipline, lent takes sacrifice, lent takes energy.   Everywhere I look I see lent – lenten flyers, lenten blogs, and lenten booklets. Not quite yet – please! I need a bit more time…. to think of only myselfContinue reading “Please don’t rush lent….”