How do you know when you have forgiven?

There has been a load that I have been carrying for three years.  I’ve referenced it in some previous posts, although my messages have been somewhat cryptic.  I was badly hurt, really betrayed by someone who I worked for and thought very highly of, and considered a friend.  It was one of the most painfulContinue reading “How do you know when you have forgiven?”

I have to be honest here….

Ok…I admit, I have always loved the Parable of The Prodigal Son. I like to focus on the Father. Imagine him getting up each morning wondering, ‘Is this the day?  Will I see my son today? Will my son finally come to his senses and return home?’ And each day he stares into the distance…. hopingContinue reading “I have to be honest here….”

Move aside, just move aside..

I saw a video the other day.  It was about a man who lost his pregnant wife and his only daughter when the car that he was driving was hit head on by a teenage drunk driver. It’s a tough one to watch but SO POWERFUL.  There is so much in it….the forgiveness, theContinue reading “Move aside, just move aside..”