Beauty in unexpected places

My Mom spent her final two years in a nursing home, confined to a wheel chair, suffering from dementia.  No matter how many times I went to see her there, I never got used to it.  I would see many of the residents spending the day in the hallways, just sitting  existing.  I grew familiarContinue reading “Beauty in unexpected places”

But she’s still my Mom

I haven’t’ posted for a bit because I’ve been with my Mom for her last few weeks .  About two weeks ago her earthly journey ended.  Before I continue, let me acknowledge a few things: Yes, she was 93 years old and lived a full life Yes, she was in a nursing home with dementiaContinue reading “But she’s still my Mom”

Until We’re Together Again…

Yesterday my ‘second mother’ went home to heaven.  My dear aunt, my mother’s sister, lived next door to the house I grew up in.  We were very close and there is a sadness and heaviness inside of me today. Now, for the facts, she lived a beautiful and full life and except for the pastContinue reading “Until We’re Together Again…”