Uh, somethin’ ain’t workin’ here…..

Remember these?       W.W.J.D. – what would Jesus do? You could find these everywhere…..bracelets, necklaces, pins…..everywhere. It’s kind of funny really, how could we ever really know what Jesus would do?  Wouldn’t you think that He would have favored the older brother (Prodigal Son) who obeyed and stayed faithful to his father?  OrContinue reading “Uh, somethin’ ain’t workin’ here…..”

It’s not about the facts

It’s not always about facts, most times there is a whole lot more!  Whenever I work with people who want to enter the church, I always meet the ones who want the facts.  They are hungry to know everything about the religion.  They want things explained, they want to understand, they want to memorize andContinue reading “It’s not about the facts”