Not My Christmas Tree

So, this is a very beautiful Christmas Tree……but it is not mine! Oh, I do have some very beautiful ornaments,  but this year they are staying in their boxes.  This year, my Christmas Tree is more of a ‘Memory Tree.’ I sat with some photo albums and gathered together pics from the past.  I haveContinue reading “Not My Christmas Tree”

Three Ways To Celebrate Christmas

How will you celebrate Christmas this year? 1)  Is your shopping done?  Are your presents wrapped?  Is the eggnog made?  Are the Holiday cards sent?  Are you counting the days until DECEMBER 26TH???  Happy Holidays! 2)  Are the family invitations out?  Have you decided which service you’re attending?   Is the manger set up?  Continue reading “Three Ways To Celebrate Christmas”

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them…

Some 2012 years ago a Child was born into the world and nothing was the same.  This little Child, born in secret, changed the world forever.  However you ‘define’ Him, no one can deny the impact that He had and continues to have.  Love has that effect, love transforms, love changes, nothing is ever theContinue reading “And a Little Child Shall Lead Them…”