doing vs. being

Do you think that many of us base our self-worth on what we can produce?  We get trapped in the cyclone of ‘work harder’, ‘produce more’, ‘gather more’.  And the cycle continues.  Are we teaching this to our children?  It appears as though the competition gets younger and younger.  The sports become more intense and … Continue reading doing vs. being

Our Two Faces

I found a rock when I was taking a walk a while back.  This rock had been broken apart and the inside looked quite different than the outside.  The interior was rough while the outside was smooth, and even the coloring was different.  The outside was a dark brown while the inside had more of a … Continue reading Our Two Faces

Welcome Autumn

The vibrant green of the summer leaves is slowly dulling.  Some trees have  already let go of their leaves and have watched as they have floated to the ground.  There is something to be learned, watching as the autumn wind picks up and forces the trees to ‘let go’.  So much of nature parallels our lives.  … Continue reading Welcome Autumn