Lessons to learn

Every day offers us opportunities to grow and learn if we nurture the attitude of a child.  Each experience, every exchange with another, each glance at nature provides us with a message.  I think that the first step in the learning process is to be able to step out of the ‘me’.  In other words, … Continue reading Lessons to learn

Our five senses

 Go beyond seeing with your eyes and hearing with your ears.  Use your heart.  See with your heart, feel with your heart, taste with your heart.  You will be surprised at what you experience…..dimensions far beyond what you know. Continue reading Our five senses

Going deep

I sit and I reflect…inside of me is an entire spectrum of emotions.  I see a life filled with experiences that have shaped me into who I am.  I see feelings that I’d like to share and those that I hold close to my heart.  I see words never spoken and deeds never done.  I … Continue reading Going deep


The weather has been warm and dry, so dry that the grass is dying and the flowers are wilting.  Everyone begins to speak of rain, we need rain, it hasnt’ rained in a while, the lawns are dry, we need some rain.  It begins to rain and within the first few minutes or hours, we … Continue reading Rain