When you really think about it, words are just letters that are put together in a certain order.  When we look at words in languages that we don’t understand, they mean nothing to us.  And yet, in our own language, words evoke many different emotions.  For most people the words puppy, kitten, balloon, and ice … Continue reading Words

Would you go back?

Would you go back to a different point in your life?  Would you change any of the decisions that you made?  Is it helpful to even ask these questions?  I suppose that by reflecting on the past it somehow  brings you into the present.  That may sound strange, but think about it, when you try … Continue reading Would you go back?


I was thinking……I trust God.  I know that whatever happens in my life, even though it might be painful, I do believe that in the long run it is for my good and that I can grow closer to God through it.  At  least that is what my head tells me.  But, I have to … Continue reading 100%


Humility is one of those words that has great depth in its meaning.  I remember having a conversation once with someone who had just presented a very inspiring talk.  I said to him somthing like, ‘that was really wonderful, you certainly have a gift’ and he replied, ‘yes, I do, thank you’.  I remember thinking … Continue reading Humility


I have always loved this ancient Chinese Proverb, “A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses“.  Isn’t that beautiful?  When we choose to bring a little ‘sunshine’ to the lives of others, we ourselves are bathed in light. Unfortunately,  I suppose that the opposite is true as well, don’t you think?   So today, … Continue reading Fragrance