Risky Behavior

What comes to mind when you think about risky behavior?  I’m sure that we can all list many.  I would like to throw one out there – the behavior that I think is risky is ……loving.  Love is one very risky thing.  Now, one can say, ‘yes, if I love playing in traffic, that is … Continue reading Risky Behavior

Our Hearts

What an amazing organ the heart is.  It is the pump that brings life (blood) to all parts of our bodies, nourishing us and keeping us alive.  It has a rhythm, a beat which allows it to function.  It is centrally located and works around the clock, bringing life and removing waste products.  If it … Continue reading Our Hearts

Baby Talk

Did you ever notice that when we talk to little babies we tend to raise our voices to an unatural pitch, speak slower and have a smile on our face?  Somtimes we even use different words, simpler words that we think may be easier to comprehend.  Some even use sounds that aren’t words at all … Continue reading Baby Talk

The Bump on My Finger

I have this bump on the index finger of my right hand.  It’s not too noticeable and it doesn’t hurt, but it is obvious to me and I certainly didn’t have it all my life.  I know very well what it is, it’s arthritis, there, I’ve said it.  Not a big deal, silly really in … Continue reading The Bump on My Finger

Halloween Masks

In just a few days our doorbells will ring and we will open our doors to witches, monsters, football players, and  princesses.  Giggles from behind their masks…we hear the words, ‘trick of treat’.  After they have received their treat  we return to our comfortable chair only to hear the doorbell ring yet again.  It’s always … Continue reading Halloween Masks