The weight of the night

How many times do I wake up during the night and begin to feel crushed under the problems and possibilities in my life?  Everything seems to be intensified and magnified in the darkest hours of the night.  All of the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘I can’t do its’ and the ‘what will happens’ rise to … Continue reading The weight of the night

Vending Machines

Aren’t vending machines convenient?  Who hasn’t enjoyed a candy bar or a bag of chips on the run.  And, who would have thought that drinking fountains would give way to bottled water sold in a vending machine?  Instant gratification – coins, oops – dollars in – product out.  Convenient, accessible, fast!  They certainly serve their … Continue reading Vending Machines


We think that we can measure time in hours, minutes and seconds, but think again….why is it that when we are doing something that we wonderfully enjoy, time goes by so quickly and when we are doing something that we labor through, time seems eternal. Time…can it really be measured? Continue reading Time