Have you ever noticed that when you eat food with lots of garlic, the scent stays with you?  It seems to be in your pores, you exhale garlic and begin searching for some gum or breath mints?  The same may be true with some other foods, onions, etc.?  I think that this works for other … Continue reading Exhaling

Risky Behavior

What comes to mind when you think about risky behavior?  I’m sure that we can all list many.  I would like to throw one out there – the behavior that I think is risky is ……loving.  Love is one very risky thing.  Now, one can say, ‘yes, if I love playing in traffic, that is … Continue reading Risky Behavior

Our Hearts

What an amazing organ the heart is.  It is the pump that brings life (blood) to all parts of our bodies, nourishing us and keeping us alive.  It has a rhythm, a beat which allows it to function.  It is centrally located and works around the clock, bringing life and removing waste products.  If it … Continue reading Our Hearts