And she didn’t even have to ask

Do you remember that Verizon commercial?  Illustrating all the different locations where Verizon gets service?  It was catchy, clever and certainly memorable.  Sometimes I feel as though my prayer life is like a Verizon commercial!  I need to pray for ___, and ____, or and don’t forget ___.  Did I remember ____, oh and _____,Continue reading “And she didn’t even have to ask”

Are your feet washed?

Peter is one of my favorite New Testament people!  There is just something so real about him!  He’s certainly flawed, and, he is also impulsive, passionate, outspoken, and confused.  He actually walked with Jesus and still didn’t ‘get it’ most of the time – gives us hope, doesn’t it??? And yet, Jesus gave him the keys….Continue reading “Are your feet washed?”

Energy Required

This morning we begin our religious education program with about 150 first through third graders.  Am I getting too old for this??? I can see it now, those little faces, the smiles, some tears perhaps, all arriving with excitement and some trepidation.  Some will recognize their teacher and know exactly what to do and whereContinue reading “Energy Required”