God’s World of Opposites

It is no wonder that so much of the world has no use for God.  Many of the things that we value in this world, money, power, ambition, strength, have no place in God’s world.  Our God is a God of opposites.  Here are a few examples: ‘Blessed are the poor, the meek, those whoContinue reading “God’s World of Opposites”

There’s something about snow

Yes, it’s March and I’m not really thrilled about yet another snow storm in the northeast, but in spite of all the grumbling, there’s just something about snow…… Perhaps it is: the childlike excitement we feel when we see the first flakes of winter or maybe it’s the purest white that falls from the heavensContinue reading “There’s something about snow”

Sometimes a frog is just a frog (not a prince)

Sometimes life brings us wonderful surprises, like it did for the beautiful princess who kissed the frog who because a handsome prince!  But, sometimes we ‘kiss the frog,’ and the frog stays a frog. We all try to help others, solve problems, spread love and peace, and sometimes our efforts make a real difference.  ThereContinue reading “Sometimes a frog is just a frog (not a prince)”

Stay a kernel or pop

Happy National Popcorn Day!   Here are my options:  I can either stay a hard shelled kernel or I can explode into the world. When hard times come, and they always do, I withdraw, pull into myself and not let anyone in.  I become so hardened that change is impossible.  Nothing comes in, nothing goesContinue reading “Stay a kernel or pop”

Oh the secrets

Sometimes I like to look at people’s faces and wonder what their life is like.  What challenges have they faced?  What kind of suffering did they encounter?  How many disappointments did they face along the way? And what about celebrations?  Where was the joy in their life?  Who was with them at  these happy times?Continue reading “Oh the secrets”

The 8 Words To Say Before Amen

I believe that at some point in our lives we all pray.  Some of us pray daily and others pray only when they are struggling.  Some people give up on prayer when their prayers aren’t answered, and others continue to pray, trusting that God is listening.   We should pray because Jesus prayed.  Jesus prayedContinue reading “The 8 Words To Say Before Amen”

My ‘NOT’ New Year’s Resolutions!

Well, have you made them?   Have you broken them yet? Did you just decide that it’s hopeless and so you’re skipping this year? I really have not had very good luck with that exercise/lose weight goal that I set every year, so this year, I will set some goals that I will not do –Continue reading “My ‘NOT’ New Year’s Resolutions!”