Mosquitos and God

The other day a mosquito landed on me.  I thought, ugh, I can’t believe they are out already!  And then the thought occurred to me, ‘why would God ever create mosquitos?  They are such pests!’ And then I chuckled because I had a hazelnut moment (Julian of Norwich – but not so profound). I thought … Continue reading Mosquitos and God

Oh the secrets

Sometimes I like to look at people’s faces and wonder what their life is like.  What challenges have they faced?  What kind of suffering did they encounter?  How many disappointments did they face along the way? And what about celebrations?  Where was the joy in their life?  Who was with them at  these happy times? … Continue reading Oh the secrets

What do you see?

What do you see when you look at this picture? I see life.   I see a flower in bloom, vibrant and healthy. I see a flower beginning to fade.   I see a change, a transformation I see surrender, letting go I see the promise of new life And I see beauty in every … Continue reading What do you see?