Sometimes there are no words!

So….today a second grade girl approached me and said,  “I like your necklace!”  I said, “Thanks!” She said, “Do you want to know what my motto is?” I said, “Your motto???  Sure” She said, “This is my motto:  TOO MUCH BLING????  NO SUCH THING!!!“ Absolute truth, I promise!   I think I have a newContinue reading “Sometimes there are no words!”

It’s OK!

We are always hearing that we need to ‘step out of our comfort zones.’  My question is, WHY?  I do believe in stretching myself, but I think that comfort zones exist for a reason.   I know that some may think, ‘if we don’t step out of our comfort zones, then nothing gets changed,’ butContinue reading “It’s OK!”

Don’t Go Looking For The Tree

  Thanks Nelson!   Not much to add….but I think this quote has much to do with humility!  Do as much good as you can, be as kind as possible, listen as though there were no other sound around (including those in your head), and love with the fullness of the universe.   You will plantContinue reading “Don’t Go Looking For The Tree”