Find a Faith PLEASE!

I spent the afternoon yesterday with my Mom who is in a nursing home with dementia.  Last week she took a turn for the worse and I don’t know how many days I will have left to be with her. It’s a little difficult to communicate with her because she can’t have a conversation anymoreContinue reading “Find a Faith PLEASE!”

To Judge Or Not To Judge

Boy, it’s really tough to not judge! Every day we see things, hear things and  interact with others and naturally, we form opinions.  Someone shares a story with us and our brains are constantly agreeing, disagreeing, doubting, wondering, and, let’s be honest, JUDGING! And yet, we are called not to judge….that is God’s job who canContinue reading “To Judge Or Not To Judge”


The amazing thing is…..these flowers would have blossomed  whether or not I snapped this photo.  The beauty that we see in nature is there, whether we are present to look at it or not.  It makes me wonder ‘why?’  There is no doubt that God gives us this loveliness for us to enjoy it.  Who isContinue reading “Beauty”

Ever Been There?

It has been said that a thin place is a place where the boundary between heaven and earth is especially thin. It’s a place where we can sense the divine more readily. I was fascinated by this definition when I first heard of it, because you see, I have experienced these ‘thin places.’  I think weContinue reading “Ever Been There?”