Joy and Gratitude

Is it possible to separate joy and gratitude?  Think of the most joyful moments in your life…the brief moments when everything is ‘right’ when it feels as though all of the stars are properly aligned and the world is bursting with the same joy that you are feeling.  Doesn’t that feeling just naturally flow into … Continue reading Joy and Gratitude

Anonymous Loving

Have you ever offered quite support without anyone knowing?  How about extending a kindness anonymously?  Ever love without receiving love in return?  Our human nature wants to scream…..’it’s me, don’t you see what I did for you?  How about a word of thanks…!’  But there is something special, something magical in keeping it to ourselves, … Continue reading Anonymous Loving

A Job Well Done

How many times do we ‘beat ourselves up’ when we make a mistake or fail at a task?  We are so quick to be critical of ourselves and in our reflection at the end of the day it is so easy to regret a word or action.  Most of the time, we are even harder … Continue reading A Job Well Done


Today I was too busy to appreciate the sunshine, too busy to hear a breeze, too busy to stop and offer a kind word, too busy to watch a child, too busy to offer thanks, too busy, too busy.  There was much work to do and much work got done, but at the end of … Continue reading Business