What If

I frequently ask myself ‘what if’ questions:

What if it rains on the day that I plan my hike?
What if I make mistakes when I’m playing piano this week?
What if they don’t like me?
What if I say the wrong thing?
What if I push send on that text that I decided not to send?
What if I get sick?
What if someone I love dies?

or sometimes, the ‘what if’s’ go a lot deeper

What if there is nothing after this life is over?
What if the Bible is just one made up story that has somehow been relevant for thousands of years?
What is no one hears my prayers?
What if there is no God?

I can really do a number on myself once I start ‘what if’ spinning.  The doubts, the questions, and most of all the FEARS smother me and lead me into despair and darkness.

It’s times like these that I have to sit, sit in silence, and breathe.  And while it may take a while, I have learned not to abandon the ‘what if’s’, but rather to turn them around.

What if there is a God and he/she loves me unconditionally, total acceptance?
What if there is an eternal life that is far better than the one we live here?
What if there is someone listening to each and every prayer….counting each and every tear?
What if there really was a God-Man who walked the earth 2,000+ years ago and died trying to teach us how to live a different way?

What if it’s all true – how would that make a difference in the way I think, act…live.

What if?

2 thoughts on “What If

  1. Well done! What if we just turned all of our “what ifs” around and viewed life in a more positive way. Thank you! Have a blessed Holy Week!

  2. Love the way you turned around those deep haunting questions. Hope is a tough thing to lose. and posing those questions with a positive spin helped me find mine some hope again. Thank you!

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