I heard this a few days ago on a radio talk show that I sometimes listen to.  There was a substitute host, and I wish that I could remember who it was so that I could give him credit for this.  It is not a religious talk show, so this story was quite a surprise to me.  I loved it and I want to remember it forever, and even though I can’t give credit to the man who told it, I hope it will spread. This man was an army ranger (as I remember), and he told this story (paraphrased):

‘I love to speak to atheists because I haven’t met one who could argue with what I am about to tell you.  When someone starts a conversation about whether God exists or not, this is what I say.  I first ask them if they have been around a lot of dying people, most have not. I have.

I tell them that if you were to be held underwater for a long time, you would struggle for air.  You wouldn’t want food, or water.  You would want air because your body knows that it needs air and nothing else at that moment.

Similarly, if you were without food for so long that you were starving, your body would cry out for food.  Again, your body knows what it needs at that moment.

And finally, if you walked through the desert for days, your body would want water.  Instinctively your body knows what it needs for life. It wouldn’t want food, or sleep, or rest, etc.  Only water.

Well, as I have said, I have been around many people who have died on the battlefield.  As they lay dying, they didn’t call out for air or food or water.  All of them cried out for God.’

Our bodies (souls) know what we need, what sustains us, what gives us life.

We just know.

Definitely something to ponder…..